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Locker - Remember only one Password

Lots of password and information to remember?

Then Locker can be handy.
It provides a great way to store your website password,URL and other info about websites.

I have account on more than 10 website all with different password even some website has multiple account for fun also. But when time comes, I need to use that Forget Password option available on every website.
Every time I reset a password I feel to remember one more new password.

Not only this, Locker also store Debit/Credit card related information like card number, valid through, CVV detail etc.
you can save it as many details as you can.

You just need to open this app, login and Bingo all your saved information is here.


  • Only one account for a Application.
    • if Locker is installed in a system then only a single user can use it. Another user will have to reset first account in order to use it.
  • Once account is created next time it will directly prompt for login only.
  • You can save your website details such as website name, password, email, extra details, passcode(if any), extra website info and many more.
  • Another tab is added if you want to save Debit/Credit  card related information such as, pin, CVV number, card number etc.

* more features can be added at later stages.

*All sensitive information is highly secured with encryption. 

Disclaimer :

We don't need any ones private information(I already have too many, overburdened). we are here to provide a better and easy way of life style.


Targeted Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP/7/8.
  • windows phone 8.1
  • Android.




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